Exercise your Skin

Our motivations to stay fit wax and wane - perhaps there’s an event coming up, or a realization that those favorite jeans have become skinny jeans even if they were never meant to be. We realize that if we want our body to be it’s best, we need to exercise.

Just like the rest of our body, if we want our skin to look it’s best, we need to exercise it, too. Without stimulation, our skin loses more collagen than it makes. Every single year.

This doesn’t need to happen. Just as people of any age can exercise, feel better and be healthier; people of any age can exercise their skin, grow more collagen and have a healthier, more beautiful appearance. This isn’t a dream. Research out of Stanford shows that those who commit to 2-4 easy treatments a year look younger at the end of the decade-long study than they did at the beginning. You read that right - people in the study looked BETTER even though they were 10 years older!

When people come see us, they usually want two things. One is to look better now, and the next is to keep looking better over time. The secret to both is committing to a few treatments a year - much like you commit to exercise or getting your teeth cleaned for your health.

Fall is the perfect time to do it. In fact, anytime you’re ready to do it is the right time. It’s like exercise or anything else. The hardest thing is deciding to start. But when you start seeing the changes, it all becomes so very worthwhile. Just do it.
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and start exercising your skin. The person you see in the mirror 10 years from now will thank you.