Dr. Gelber can make your man hotter than Mr. Germany

A few weeks ago Dr. Rebecca and I went to a conference down in the Bay Area. We decided to stay in a small hotel noted for flamboyant and extravagant decor, and it didn't disappoint. The entryway, for starters, contained more carved scantily clad seraphim than the Vatican and had not one but two reproduction statues of David flanking a massive collection of nudes. I was slightly awestruck. While chatting with the pleasantly insane proprietress, an expat from Munich, I asked her which was her favorite piece of art. To which she replied:

"Ah, you must see Mister Chermany, he is magnificent- upstairs in zee dining room."

After checking in I went exploring, imagining a wildly inappropriate Aryan supermensch lording it over the loose-meat sausage and hollandaise. I found him, but he was not at all what I expectected:

No moral to this story but it does lead me into our special this month: If you come in for botox, fillers, laser or BBL, bring a man with you and he can have a free light laser peel or BBL treatment ($450 value).

The women in Incline are starting to look way too hot for their men, and we as a community need to address this imbalance.

Once a man actually tries this stuff out and realizes we aren't going to try to make him look like that Aerosmith guy (Steven Tyler?), but instead just a little bit healthier and less haggard, they usually like it and become regulars.

So- try and talk him into it. Like my wife says to me: "Shut up and put on the numbing cream. I'm the one who has to look at you."

In other news! We're doing a talk on stem cell therapy at 6:00pm on Tuesday 8/21 at The Perfect Workout, Deb Fishman's Pilates studio next to Raleys in Incline Village.  A lot of people think we just do aesthetic work, but our main interest has always been regenerative medicine - we both want to ski till we're 100. We've been performing stem cell therapy for joint injuries and arthritis for over a year now, with excellent results. I recommend learning about it- even if you don't have arthritis yet. This is definitely the future of medicine. If you do want to come please RSVP so we know how much food to make.

Have a great week, Matthew