Benjamin Button Loves Lasers

Have you ever gone on a diet? I have, many times. I worked and worked and worked, deprived myself of all the carby treats that gave me so much happiness. I've sweated on treatmills, gone to sleep early just so the misery would stop, suffered some more... and eventually got where I wanted to be. The compliments rolled in, and I was happy to be back in my skinny clothes and not blush if I had to go out during swim suit season.

And then something would always happen with my treacherous belly. Bread baskets, for example, or ice cream. I'd slowly slip into old habits and wind up back in the Land of Broken Dreams and Shattered Hopes.


If you are in the same boat with a diet, all I can offer is encouragement and a rice cake. But with your skin, it doesn’t need to be this way. Unlike your belly, your skin will never be tricked by Haagen Dazs.

Many of you have already started a journey of improving your skin health with Dr. Gelber at Tahoe Medical Spa. In fact, many of you have done some pretty big treatments to make real changes. Please, please don’t let your efforts go to waste. You don’t need to do that much to maintain your skin, keep it healthy and actually slow down skin aging until it almost stops.

That’s right - please do re-read that sentence. There’s amazing research out of Stanford that shows that with 2-4 easy treatments a year, you can slow down skin aging until it almost stops. This is serious Benjamin Button stuff!

bradold bradyoung

See- I care about you lovely wee lassies and will never turn down an opportunity to show you hunky goodness.

When Stanford followed people who did several no-downtime procedures each year for 10 years, the participants looked on average 2 years younger at the end than when they started. That means that if you start at age 50, when you are 60, you could look 48. Really.

The skin didn’t just look better - when dermatologists looked at before and after biopsies, the older skin looked better than at the beginning of the study - less sun damage, less inflammation and more collagen. On genetic testing, the genes turned on when we get old were getting turned off. And the genes that are turned on when we are young and tell us to make new collagen and healthy skin were getting turned on again. This lets me show you dear Benjamin again:


Actually thats Brad in an unrelated picture, but oh - THAT SKIN!

Sorry to be long-winded, but Rebecca strongly feels that this is the most important discovery in aesthetics in the last decade or more and we really want to share it with you. As you know, we don’t rope people in with emails every week touting the special of the day. In fact, we don’t do discounts or specials at all.

But we really want our patients to look their best. Not just now, but 10 years from now. For this reason, we’ve put together discounted annual maintenance plans that let our patients get these anti-aging benefits and continue to improve their skin. For those of you who haven’t started yet, we can build in an initial treatment to jump-start your program in the first year.

Rebecca wants to encourage everyone to sign up for one of these programs. It will do more than botox, fillers and skin care can ever offer you. Our basic plan probably costs less than you spend on skin care and/or facials in a year, and it doesn't have to be a big deal - its a lot like getting your teeth cleaned, or your car serviced. You wouldn't skip those, would you?

If you sign up by the end of the year, not only will you get the discount of the plan, but we’ll also throw in some awesome skincare. If you sign up for a Silver Plan or higher, Gina’s going to help thank you even more by doing a free SkinTyte treatment for you ($350 value) for collagen growth and skin tightening!

Anyway, sorry to make this email a bit promotional and cheesy, but we are promoting this. As I always say, I want people to stop using the name Incline Village and start using the name Foxytown. I want Incline to be even foxier as we all age together. Keep an eye out on our blog - you’ll get to watch Gina give Rebecca her next maintenance treatment and see how easy this can be.

Still reading? Thank you so much! I'm so proud of you. Since you're still here, I will sign my name and then give you one more piece of pulchritudinous delight.

Hugs, Matthew