Big Positive Changes- Tahoe Medical Spa News September 2013

Well, loyal readers, with great honor, comes great competition.Everyone wants to be the top dog, even if the reward is merely an aging Milk Bone... There’s been a bit of an upheaval at Tahoe Medical Spa since the last newsletter announced my 41st consecutive turn as Employee of the Month.

A certain doctor has stepped up her game. She’s in early pushing paper. Skipping snack breaks to take pictures. She’s even been spotted making chai! She’s worked, she’s exceeded beyond our greatest hopes and she’s won this vaunted honor fair and square. It’s time to announce Dr. Rebecca Gelber as the September 2013 Employee of the Month!


Of course she has had one tiny advantage. After Sciton, the top laser company in the world, started seeing how we were combining procedures for patients, and the amazing results we were getting with only a few days downtime, they started paying attention. They’ve been flying Rebecca around the country to teach and more and more doctors are coming to Tahoe to train with us. This all really went crazy though, when they recruited me to take over their top territory - Northern CA, Northern NV and Hawaii!

This is a phenomenal opportunity for me, but also for Rebecca and the spa as well. I’ll be on the road a bit, but I will also be right smack in the middle of the loop and the latest and greatest things happening in the laser industry. I’ll still be around for all the big fun procedures, and we may be able to start offering some hot new treatments to see how you like them.

Part of the changes include the latest addition to our TMS family - Gina Tarantino. Many of you may already know her from around town. We’ve been looking for a way to bring her in for over a year. Now we have it and really think she’s going to bring a wonderful energy to the practice.

Anyway, you know we love hugs and this time they are 100% happy, no holds bars hugs, so go for it!

Matthew (& Rebecca)