Combining medical treatment with a trip to Tahoe

We're starting to see a fair number of patients from outside the area who come up specifically to see us, or as part of a larger Tahoe vacation. This article is more geared towards those in the former category, who are trying to get in and out as quickly as possible. That being said, Lake Tahoe is a stunning place of great natural beauty which attracts visitors from around the world, making it a wonderful place for both patients and those who accompany them to enjoy. As locals, we're always glad to share our favorite hikes, restaurants, ski resorts and other information to make your trip both enjoyable and beneficial to your health. The main hotel in Incline Village is the Hyatt, and we have a corporate discount code patients can use - the price is quite good and the accommodations are right on the lakefront and nicer than many hotels in the chain. Our office is two stoplights and a mile or so away. We can also set you up with a vacation rental if you are coming out for a week or bringing family or friends.

When you price plane tickets to Reno, remember to visit the Southwest Airlines website - they don't show up on many of the bigger travel reservations websites.

For liposculpture, regenerative procedures, or deeper laser treatments, we would prefer that you stick around for a few days so we can offer support and follow you closely during your early healing and insure you have your best possible result. With a little preparation, most find this to be an easy and enjoyable trip.