Hot for Teacher, Muffin Tops, &c. - Tahoe Medical Spa News September 2012

Pittsbugh, 1993. I was just a country bumpkin, lost in the Steel City. I had blundered my way into town two days before, and some of my fellow paramedic students were disgusted that I had never been to a bar. They dusted me off, picked the hayseeds out of my ears, and took me to a shady pool hall across the river.

Within a couple minutes of walking in, they introduced me to a cute little redheaded girl. I've always been a smooth-talking ladies' man, and I opened with a surefire pickup line:

"So... are you a nursing student?"

"No," she said. "I'm a doctor. They let us do that now, you know."

"This is awkward," I said.

But it got better from there, in spite of the fact that I was wearing sheepskin bedroom slippers with the sheepy part on the outside.

After talking for a few hours, I told her that I better go, since I had class early in the morning. She said that she should go too, since she also had class in the morning. Unfortunately, I didn't ask her for her number since she was way too good for me and I was intimidated.

Next morning, I walked into class and the cute little redheaded girl was my teacher. True story! It was just like the start of Top Gun, but nerdier.

Unfortunately, I had to give her a negative teaching evaluation, the only one she received in 18 years of teaching medicine. It stayed in her permanent file and they read it when she left that job to move to California:

"Instructor is too short to be seen from back of room."

I tell this story because a lot of new developments have unfolded for us since my last newsletter.  Dr. Rebecca has gotten quite a reputation very rapidly and a number of companies and accrediting boards are having her do teaching and testing. Sciton (the best and most respected laser company in the world) just made her their sixth trainer in North America, and will be flying in physicians to stay with us and learn how to do laser treatments and resurfacing.

She is also lecturing nationally on botox, filler, sclerotherapy, and other aesthetic techniques, and is going to be a board-certifying examiner. She is really excited- since retiring from the medical school she has really missed teaching, and now she gets to do it again. I watched her teach a couple days in San Francisco last weekend and I see why- the doctors follow her around like little ducklings... it's cute.

What else? Oh - we'll be gone for a few weeks starting in October 3, so if you want to see us before, please schedule ASAP so we can get everything done beforehand.

Normally this is the part of the newsletter where I include a funny picture that ties into the story. Here's the picture, but the connection is a little convoluted. I'll give you a hint: I took it to commemorate out recent romantic 4 day/3 night getaway at a truckstop motel in western Pennsylvania. It was kind of like Stockton, but without the glitz and sophistication.

Also, Dr. Rebecca is doing our stem cell talk again at the eLearning Cafe on Thursday September 20th at 5:30, in case you missed it last time.

And - if you a haven't been yet, go check out IV Coffee Lab next to Bite, which Matt the FedEx Guy and his wife Allie just opened. The coffee is really good and they are super nice.

Have a great September, Matthew