Jowling at the Moon - October 2014 Newsletter

Gentle readers, forgive me again for my long absence. As most of you know, I’ve gone corporate. Aside from the fact that this has taken me away from you, my gorgeous patients, it’s had a few other nasty side effects. I’m suddenly having all sorts of fancy business dinners (nice!), a lot of fast food meals in the car (not so nice!) and far fewer home cooked meals with my baby, the talented Dr. Gelber (the hardest part!). In addition to crushing my dreams of ever fitting into slim cut trousers and shirts, I now have a little more going on in the chin department. Or should I say, chins department?



That's right ladies- I'm beady in the eyes, sparse in the hair, and heavy in the chin. But not alone. Rebecca tells me that after sun damage, the number one area patients want to improve is their jowls, neck and the area under the chin. Even for those who are quite fit (erm - not me these days) some of us are genetically cursed to carry the burden of extra chub in this area.

[Editor's note, since so many people think that's a real picture... it's photoshopped. I'm not that fat. Yet, anyway. Give me time to work on it]

Over the last few years, Rebecca has demoed device after device, trying to find the best solution that will achieve great improvements. Unfortunately, despite abundant slick advertising promises, we haven’t found a non-invasive solution which consistently gives people the results they want. This has left many patients with no option for improvement except a lower face and neck lift. These usually give nice results, but it's a pricey and invasive solution.

Rebecca has offered liposuction in this area for several years now, but there are very few patients with skin tight enough that just removing fat leaves gives a perfect result, and we’re not in the business of leaving our lovelies with turkey gobbles.

Enter the best solution we’ve found - laser lipo. Our anniversary is coming up, and somehow the good doctor convinced me that the most romantic thing I could possibly get her would be another laser. I've been practicing for twenty years to hone my skills at "acquiescing to whatever she wants", and boy, have I outdone myself this time. Now Rebecca, and her patients, have a shiny new laser that helps melt fat and tighten skin in a fast, gentle, minimally invasive procedure. It’s the best laser out there, and Rebecca’s bouncing off the walls with excitement.

Anyway, my picture and the ones below are extreme examples, but if this is an area you’ve wanted to improve - even if Rebecca has told you there hasn’t been a great option our office could offer you, well, things have changed so give us a call. This may be just the thing you’ve been looking for, and we’d love to see you in!

Hugs, Matthew





* Pictures courtesy of Marc Salzman, MD, and Roger Hogue, MD. Thanks guys!