Joy and Happiness - Tahoe Medical Spa News August 2013

Faithful readers, I have all kinds of good news this month. I warn you - this email gets atypically serious, but just for a little bit, and then has a happy ending.

First, I want to thank all of my fans for rooting for me. I was victorious over all of my enemies again! This engraved plaque is proof:

That's 41 months in a row. A lot of people said it couldn't be done, but I proved them wrong. Actually, make that a WE proved them wrong, faithful readers- I couldn't have done it without your support.

On to the serious part- I think most everyone in town knows, but Rebecca has had a long series of health problems stemming from traumatic internal injuries she received in a ski collision way back in April 2011. We thought she was mostly healed last year, but in late autumn she wound up with really bad nerve damage in her feet that made them hurt all the time.

She put on a happy and brave face publicly, but the fact is she was bedridden for most of the winter and spring with her feet wrapped up in electric blankets. Her doctors all told her she would never get better, and she needed to learn to live with the pain, but it was close to unbearable.

Every day was sad. After work we would go home and she would be in so much pain that she was a different person. She suffered terribly physically, and I felt like the love of my life had been stolen and replaced by a stranger.

But- good news! Over the last two months they have improved tremendously. They still bother her at night, but she feels really good at work, and recently they've improved enough that we are going out and walking 9 holes at the Mountain Course at the end of the day 4 or 5 times a week.

And every week she gets a little bit better.

I am so happy, for so many reasons. I hope everyone appreciates their health and the health of their family and friends. It sounds really trite but when health problems pop up everything else seems trivial.

I hope this was a happy newsletter? That's how I mean it to come across. Please give everyone you love a hug. And if you have any left, give one to me, its been a rough 10 months and they make me feel better.

Happily, Matthew

PS- If anyone wants to walk the 9 with us at the end of the day, let me know ... we're fun to golf with, although the squirrels in the trees along the sides of the fairways cower in fear.