Looking Your Best on Your Special Day - Preparing for Events

There you are on my afternoon calendar - my 2:00 pm appointment. The calendar lists your name, the word "consult", and maybe if I’m lucky, a little hint in the notes field to let me know why you are coming in to see me. The notes are different each time, but in a way each say the same thing: daughter’s wedding, class reunion, 40th birthday. Each one of them is a special event in your life, and one that you want to celebrate by feeling a bit better about yourself. And what makes it special for me? Well, you think I can help.

Our lives are scattered with special events. Most of the time we are so busy we barely notice them until they've long gone and all we have are a few pictures to remember them. There are others that are so important that we take extra time to plan for them, and maybe think about what we want to look like in those pictures we’ll look back at someday. Some events are even special enough that they make us reassess and make changes that we have been wanting to make for a long time, but would never consider undertaking if it wasn't for something special.

Not to put myself out of a job, but I’d like to start off by saying that what people will remember of you from those events is not how you look, but rather your happiness - your happiness in this special event and being able to share it with others who are important to you.

That’s all very easy to say, but for many of us, our happiness in those moments, our self-confidence and willingness to open ourselves to the experience whole-heartedly is enhanced when we feel more confident in our appearance. In fact, our happiness might be just a bit greater if we feel we are looking our very best - or looking better than we dreamed we could look.

That can come from the perfect dress, a hairstyle that makes you feel wonderful or makeup artfully applied. But if you’re coming to me, you probably have a few areas of your face and body which you would like to improve to help you feel your very best.

Some of the changes you would like to make concern areas which have taken years to develop, and may have been present for a very long time. That doesn’t mean that you have to accept them. Still, if you want to be able to make changes, it’s going to take time. So try to fit me into your calendar early - you’ll have a lot more options.

In a perfect world, here’s a schedule to consider if you want me to be able to help you best for your special day:

1 Year Before Event

  • Schedule initial consult to make aesthetic plan
  • Start any skin improvement which may require multiple sessions, such as spider veins, acne scars, brown spots, sun damage, or skin texture issues
  • Start any medically assisted weight loss
  • Start any prescription skin products to improve acne, rosacea, hyperpigmentation, or fine lines and wrinkles

 6 months Before Event

  • Undergo any laser treatment where skin tightening is the goal
  • Start Latisse for maximal eyelash enhancement

5 Months Before Event

  • Undergo first session of Botox to make sure injection pattern is perfect

1-2 Months Before Event

  • Botox and filler appointment
  • Last laser appointments

 2 Weeks Before Event

  • Last touchups to Botox and filler

Honestly, I rarely get clients who are planning a year in advance. My hope writing this is that maybe more people will think about aesthetics early, and make the experience a lot less stressful than trying to make a big change two months before an event. I’m glad to help at any stage before an event, and I’ve had many last minute calls where I did everything I could to help on very short notice - but if you really want to make some changes and turn some heads at your special event, call me sooner rather than later. We’ll have a lot of fun getting you where you want to go!