Slingshots & Lasers - Tahoe Medical Spa News December 2013

Greetings again from Matthew! 2013 has been such crazy whirlwind of a year for us. Our wonderful clients have been right there with us every day, giving us the hugs and support that have helped such wonderful things happen. So, even though I'm about to spend some time telling you how awesome and brilliant my wife is, this email is also a big thank you to everyone for being so good to us.

Mostly, 2013 was about a David & Goliath battle. Kind of like this:


On the one side? An entire army of practitioners telling people that they can choose between two kinds of laser treatments. They say you can choose a light med-spa type laser treatment that needs to be repeated over and over,  four to six times, to get a result ... or you can choose a massive resurfacing with a week or more of downtime.

On the other side? A plucky and beautiful doctor in a tiny mountain town, rereading studies on the physiology of laser and tissue interaction, and coming up with her own idea - that it's a lot more efficient  to combine multiple laser modalities in a single session to get great results with 2-4 days of healing.

Guess who won? I'll give you a hint - Dr. Gelber has been getting paid to fly around the country to lecture for the last year or so - and now she's going international, with engagements at conferences in Vancouver, Toronto, and Paris.

Also, a big thank you to our patients, many of our patients have been kind enough to share their experiences and photos as their skin underwent transformation through laser procedures, removing sun damage, broken capillaries, wrinkles and enlarged pores, all with shorter downtimes than anyone else was requiring to get these results.

Our patients have also helped us explore new ways of combining treatments to improve wrinkles in skin texture in decolletage - something most practitioners have said was impossible with either lasers or surgery. You helped us prove them wrong and that is a really big thing!

Of course, it’s the little things that have us come in to the office with a smile on our face every day - an acne patient who made it to a school dance without breakouts, the greasy post-laser hugs which keep the dry cleaner in business and getting to catch up with patients and hear how the parties, reunions, weddings and other events which we planned to have you look your best for went.

Our final thing may be a little thing for you, our patients, day to day but is actually a big deal. Gina Tarantino has joined us at the front desk and as our patient care coordinator. She’ll be making your appointments, getting your tea, abusing you with pictures, but most importantly, rubbing your shoulder, making sure everything before during and after treatments goes perfectly and just plain caring. She’s wonderful at this and as you get to know her, I’m sure you’ll agree.

Anyway, as you and yours enter 2014, I hope you have your own special things, both small and large that you can embrace and give thanks for as well. Thanks to all of you for being part of ours.


Matthew (& Rebecca & Gina)