The Spanish Zamboni & Other True Tales - Tahoe Medical Spa News December 2012

Faithful readers, forgive us for our long absence from your inbox. We were gone for a while on a gluttony tour of Spain, and then had to spend a month digesting after we got back. Of course I have pictures, but only a couple, and they have stories. First, the Spanish Zamboni!

I try not to judge other people (as long as they are keeping up on their lasers & botoxes), but the ensuing events tested my cultural relativism a bit. I'll spare you the details but NO ONE, anywhere, ever, has rooted for the bull as much as I did. I was muttering, loudly enough to attract attention: "The cape is a trap! Go to the right of the cape. To the right!" Rebecca had to keep shushing me, reminding me that the bulls can't understand me since they are Spanish and I am giving them advice in English.

On a happier note, people are really pretty in Spain. Fashionistas will be interested to learn that tight trousers are in for beautiful Spanish women. As we walked I kept my head on a swivel, doing important "market research". Rebecca tried too, with less success. I saw her try to ogle a guy and she tripped over a planter, fell off the sidewalk, and yardsaled everything in her purse. Fortunately I was there to help! I chased the guy down and brought him back so I could take a picture of them together.

At the time I thought it was quite funny. But now that I peep it closer I'm confused! Why is he holding her business card?

At the Barcelona airport, you exit the country through passport control into the international terminal. Then you look around for the gate and flight information screen and can't find it... oh! There it is... on the other side of the passport control you just came through. Can you read the flight info in the picture below?

Neither could we, or anyone else, so we all lined up and trooped back through customs to check, and then came back again. I have five passport stamps from Barcelona. Why would they do it that way? I couldn't come up with a good explanation.

But, you know what I'm getting better at explaining? Lasers! I realize that we, and everyone else who does laser skin improvement, explain everything wrong. We talk about the technology: microns and ablations and fractional and this and that and people get confused.

Really, we all have the same problems - age spots, laxity, fine lines and wrinkles and those annoying spider veins in the corners of our noses and cheeks. And we mostly need the same treatments.

The fact is, if you talk to anyone who does lasers for a living, they all do treatments on themselves, and they all pick them the same way. They say: "How many days do I have to look bad?" and then they do 3-4 different treatments at the same time with a matched healing time. You can do a MicroLaserPeel with 3 days tof recovery, or a Fractional Resurfacing with 3 days of recovery - or you can do both together and still take 3 days to recover. And you can add in a BBL and a SkinTyte session and still not increase the recovery time.

Its kind of like cooking Thanksgiving dinner- you've got to be home while the turkey cooks, so you might as well chef up some cranberry sauce and mashed potatoes at the same time.

So, we're going to quit describing things with names that don't make any sense. Instead of a 4-micron peel, we'll call it a one-day peel, because that's how long you look bad. Instead of an 11%, 75 micron fractional resurfacing, we'll call it a 3-day fractional, because that's how long you look bad.

Most people are coming in and getting multiple treatments at the same time, but we're going to make it more clear - we have a One Max℠ package, which is the maximum result you can get with one day of down time, and a Two Max℠, which is the maximum you can get with two days of down time. We also have a Three Max℠, Four Max℠, and Five Max℠, but you'll have to guess what those are.

We even have a Zero Max℠ package for the maximum result you can get with no down time at all.

We have found that when we combine treatments like this people get much, much better results than any single treatment alone. They're happier, so we're happier. We're introducing the packages with a 25% discount until the end of the year. So, if you will have a few days (or no days) free and want to look nicer for the holidays, let us know, we would love to make you more ogle-able.

Have a great Holiday Season, Matthew