Why I Hate One-Uppers; A Party Invite; &c. - Tahoe Medical Spa News June 2013

I hate One-Uppers. You know the kind of person I'm talking about - the one who always has to one-up you, no matter how good your story is.You say something like:"I made this cake from scratch!"" and she says: "I made this cheesecake from scratch, too. I even cultured my own cream cheese and grew the raspberries in my sunroom." or "Last night I saw Breathless. Richard Gere used to be so hot!" and she says "I much preferred the raw primal sensuality of Jean-Paul Belmondo in the French original, A bout de souffle." or "I just ran forty miles while being chased by a bear holding a rabid shark." and they say: "I just did a Deb Fishman pilates workout."

Do you know who is a one-upper?

My wife. She proved it today at lunch.

I was telling a hilarious story, about the party we threw at the spa last summer, the one where we planned and shopped and cooked and decorated, and made up raffle prizes and lined up wine and sodas, and then I realized a couple of days before the party that I had forgotten to invite anyone! We rush rush rushed and got the word out, and tons of people showed up and had a great time.

I concluded with a shrug and the phrase "better late than never!"

And she said:

"Well, you're about to be late. As in: The Late Matthew Gelber.

"The summer party is on Thursday and we've got everything all set up and you haven't told anyone!"

Well, she does have a point. We are having a big party on Thursday from 5:30 to 8:00. That's this Thursday, the one in two days, the 20th.

We planned and shopped and cooked and decorated, and made up raffle prizes and lined up wine and sodas, just like we did last year. And last year it was super fun and lots of fun people showed up- so this year will be, too.

Hopefully we will see you there?

Oh, the following pics are eye candy for you ladies. You might need to click on a button to tell your email program its OK to show them though.

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And, just as a bonus, BECAUSE I CARE ABOUT YOUR NEEDS:
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