Tahoe Laser Peel $100 Intro Special!

[Special has ended]  

We're excited to offer a special this month on a very light laser treatment that we're calling the "Tahoe Laser Peel". If you like what microdermabrasion does for your skin, you will adore the results you get from this treatment. If you've never tried microdermabrasion, you'l be amazed the changes you can see and feel in your skin with this simple light exfoliating treatment. By using a laser you can offer a far more precise and powerful treatment equivalent to three microdermabrasions. After just one day of minor peeling, the treatment reveals healthy glowing skin, gently reducing sun damage, fine lines and wrinkles.

This is a much lighter laser treatment than any we have offered before. It can be combined with other treatment modalities, or deeper customized treatments are available for more dramatic results.

We're adding it to our menu of services at $350 but are doing an introductory special for $100 in limited numbers. If you've ever thought about trying a laser treatment but were intimidated by the thought of a lengthy healing process, this is a great way to test the waters.