Dr. Gelber is the only practitioner in the Reno/Tahoe area to offer PureLipo Liposculpture, a gentler, less traumatic procedure that offers patients the same dramatic bodyshaping results as traditional liposuction, but with less risk and downtime. Diet and exercise can reduce your overall weight and make some changes in body composition, but as most of us know, areas where we genetically have more fat cells are the last to lose fat and the first to regain it. For many, there are areas of their belly, flanks, “love handles”, saddlebags, hips or rolls around their bra line that remain unchanged despite all efforts.By removing the fat cells from these areas, liposculpture results in a permanent change in one’s shape. Although the goal is to find a healthy and stable weight after any procedure, even with subsequent weight gain, problem areas are less likely to deposit as much fat, as many fat cells have been removed from that area.Fat is also hormonally active tissue, converting testosterone to estrogen (which can decrease muscle mass and increase further fat deposition), as well as secreting other hormones that play a key role in metabolism and inflammation such as leptin, resistin and TNF alpha. The majority of toxins in our environment such as pesticides and heavy metals are stored in fat. Gentle removal of excess fat without using aggressive suction, lasers or ultrasound that break up the cells and release their contents can help remove these toxins from our body, improving health and future metabolism. Liposculpture does not use any of the aggressive devices of mechanical suction, lasers and ultrasound.  As a result, patients are able to comfortably experience this procedure without the risks of general anesthesia or heavy sedation.  Less tissue trauma helps minimize discomfort and speed the recovery process, with many people returning to work within a few days.

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