Freckles. They’re so cute sprinkled across a little girl’s nose. But when we’re a bit older and they’re not just on our nose, but also on our cheeks, forehead, chin, hands, neck and chest and even making our under eyes look darker, we really wish we hadn’t gotten so much sun when we were that cute little girl. Don’t you wish that you could take back the baby oil and betadine? Can you imagine what our skin would look like if the Coppertone Girl (and the Bain de Soleil Woman) never existed? Unfortunately, they did. We also live here in Tahoe, where not only do we have glorious sun almost every day, but we have altitude and clean air to further intensify it.

Even worse, with age, we start to realize that sun damage means a lot more than just age spots. It fundamentally damages our skin down to the deepest layers, breaking down collagen and adding to overall sallow tone, crepiness and crinkles, fine lines, deeper wrinkles, and worst of all, loss of the snap and elasticity of the skin, resulting in sagging. As much as marketers want you believe, there is no cream, lotion or potion which will significantly change any of these issues once they’ve set in. Save your time, money and hope.

Fortunately, sun damage (also know as photodamage or photoaging) is one of the easiest skin problems to improve. Even very low downtime procedures can start to even out the color, and with a few days more healing, wrinkles and laxity can start to turn around, too. Better yet, when you cosmetically improve sun damage, you’re also making the skin healthier as well!

Here at Tahoe Aesthetic Medicine, solar or sun damage is the #1 issue we see in all our patients, regardless of age - essentially every single patient is bothered by this. As a result, we’ve become one of the world experts in addressing this problem, lecturing in the US and abroad on how to get home-run results safely and easily. Call 775-298-1750 or email us at today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Gelber today to discuss the changes you’d like to see happen and how to get you there. Let’s get you makeup-option and loving your skin!