We will work together to find a unique plan that will work with your individual needs

Given the striking role that weight and obesity can have on your health, self-esteem, social interactions and associated conditions such as pain and inflammation, Dr. Gelber is highly motivated to help you identify and address the unique medical, metabolic and behavioral issues that contribute to your own weight and fitness.

Using medical screening, hormonal assessment, nutritional support and prescription assistance as necessary, Dr. Gelber can help you improve not only the number you see on the scale, but also help you find your path to a long-term healthier relationship with food and exercise so that you can enjoy the benefits of decreased cardiovascular and cancer risk, reduced stress to your joints and inflammatory system and an invaluable improvement to your sense of self.

Each patient's goals and lifestyle is different, and we will work together to find a unique plan that will work with your individual needs to help you find success. Weight gain and weight loss is a process. By taking the time to assess not only your weight, but also your overall health, nutrition, and the metabolic and social issues that are impacting on these, Dr. Gelber can work with you to help you understand the issues that cause you to struggle with your weight, and ultimately help you find a lifetime strategy for maintaining a consistent weight where you are happy and healthy.

Losing weight requires a complex interaction of dozens of factors, including your mood and self esteem, social barriers, your genetic, and hormonal and metabolic background - far more factors than just the simplistic mantra of "calories in, calories burned".

To this end, Dr. Gelber treats weight loss with a more comprehensive and holistic program than just telling you to eat less and get moving (although those will be part of any successful weight-loss program). By learning the nutritional value and importance of what you eat, and not just how much you eat, you body will not just lose weight, but will be able to function as it only can when receiving all the nutrients it needs and less of the toxins, hormones and chemicals in our foods that can contribute to our gaining weight despite our best efforts. We also work with carefully selected personal trainers who can help you acheive your fitness goals in a safe and efficient manner. As you become more educated to your body's needs, this knowledge will enable you to make powerful choices that will help you take charge of your own health.

Our hCG Jump-STart Program

The hCG “jump-start” is a series of 21 daily injections combined with a rigorous diet which is quite effective at in helping people rapidly start the process of losing stubborn fat stores. This is not a diet protocol to approach lightly or for making a short-term change. It requires total commitment for the duration of the diet. If strictly adhered to, most people can expect to lose between 10 and 20 pounds and gain momentum towards long-term weight loss goals.

Our goal is not short term. We want to help you makes the changes and plans  that will let you acheive your long-term goals. At the end of the hCG jump-start, we perform a round of metabolic and body composition testing that will give us the data we need to help you come up with a long-term plan.
A benefit of the hCG jump-start is making the transition to a long-term diet possible. For many people, the difference between their current weight and where they want to be is so large that the challenge seems insurmountable. The hCG diet protocol can help you get started and show you that not only is it possible, but every week that a little more weight comes off will leave you feeling better than the week before.
Our hCG jump-start program includes:
  • Initial medical evaluation
  • hCG and medical supplies
  • hCG diet book with recipes
  • Weekly weigh-ins
  • Body composition testing
  • Basal metabolic rate testing
  • Medical re-evaluation
  • Customized long-term plan
  • Cost: $850
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