The infamous woman behind the phone is Tahoe Medical Spa's practice manager Gina Tarantino. Her enthusiasm in the office is bound to bring a little extra sunshine to your day. She is extremely passionate and knowledgable in her position, both due to her extensive training, but also because, like Dr. Gelber, she personally experiences all the treatments we offer, from botox and fillers to BBL and lasers. This allows her to communicate with patients from a position of visceral, first-hand knowledge of the experience and the results of each treatment. 

She also personally manages every detail of the patient experience except those which are directly performed by Dr. Gelber. If you have ever been to a physicians office then you know this is rare. There are usually several staff members hustling you from room to room and trying to get you in and out as quickly as possible. This is definitely not the case here at Tahoe Medical Spa. This duo team makes it their mission to provide their clients with an intimate experience while seeking treatment. From the moment you walk in the door you have Gina's full attention. She is able to answer any question or concerns that you have while making you feel right at home.