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With aging, the cells that sculpt our faces lose the volume of youth. This, combined with our skin's decreasing tone and elasticity and gradual loss of the underlying fat and even bone, results in many undesired changes in our faces: increasing depth and shadows of smile lines; loss of contour around our cheekbones; fine lines around our lips; and, worst of all, sagging cheek skin that gives us a soft-looking jawline or even a jowly look.

Dermal fillers such as Juvederm Ultra, Prevelle Silk and Restylane are clear gels composed of hyaluranon, a natural substance found throughout our bodies. These gels draw water into the tissue and increase volume and improve contours for periods ranging from 4 months to up to two years.

These products are most commonly used to decrease the depth and appearance of facial folds and static wrinkles such as smile lines. These can also safely and non-surgically sculpt fuller lips which immediately smooths out the fine lines around the lip borders. They can also smooth a firmer jawline, enhance or add symmetry to the shape of the nose, fill in hollows beneath the eyes or tear troughs, improve the appearance of the backs of the hands, fill in some depressed scars and gently add contour to the temples, eyebrows and cheekbones, lifting the skin of the face and often improving not only the look of the cheeks, but also creating a lower face lift and reducing jowling and nasolabial folds as well.

Fillers offer immediately apparent results without significant downtime.  These results can be quite subtle or dramatic depending on your preference.  They can be combined with Botox, Dysport, peels or microdermabration to create an exciting improvement - commonly known as a 'liquid" or "non-surgical face lift' - erasing years from your looks without the risks or cost of surgery, and often with a preferable final result which restores the full contours of youth, rather than simply pulling and tightening.

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