If you've ever had a moment where you put your fingers in front of your ears and oh-so-subtly pulled back and up and admired the outcome, threads are for you. If you have smoker's or lipstick lines around your mouth and can't find the time to get an optimal laser smoothing, threads are for you, too. In fact, threads can help a very large percentage of my patients achieve the results they want.

Threads have come a long way from versions of over a decade ago. Current threads are made of very fine bioabsorbable filaments. These come in dozens of variants used to create a different effects on different parts of the face. Some you can use to elevate tissue - especially areas which need a lift like the eyebrows and jawline. There are other threads which provide scaffolding right under the skin. These are ideal for lines over the upper lip, looseness under the chin and crepiness beside the eyes, at the corners of the mouth and even the center of the decollete.

Both types of threads stimulate your body to make more collagen, which is a great thing. The actual threads are broken down by the body around 6-9 months, but by that time your body has replaced them with healthy new collagen to accomplish your goals.

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