We have officially entered the age of the Handsome Man. Men of all ages have discovered products that help them look and feel their best - and realized that they deserve them. High end shaving tools and skin care are booming as well as luxury fashion and other services which cater to the needs of discerning male clientele.

Men are also realizing they can make lasting changes in their looks, sports and sexual well being. Unfortunately many are scared off by images of men who have employed plastic surgery or other aesthetic treatments and ended up looking more feminine - a common, and disastrous result of going to offices who do 99+% of their procedures on women.

This doesn't need to happen. Dr. Gelber has trained specifically in the aesthetics of the male face and how to enhance it's masculinity. Healthy skin looks great on men and women alike, and that's our specialty - our Halo laser is by far the best laser for men, giving great results without the downtime that women can cover with makeup.

Additional treatments can address key points of male aesthetics and wellness including the browline, strengthing the temples, brow, jaw and chin, and even assisting with the hairline.

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) can have dramatic results in repairing injured joints and tendons and when used for natural male sexual enhancement in can help with erectile dysfunction, sexual satisfaction and even conditions such as Peyronie's disease. Finally, there are amazing protocols using PRP as part of a comprehensive program for hair regrowth and maintenance which have made our male patients very happy!

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