I look 15 years younger

"I've been wanting to have a Resurfacing for a year. I finally did it. Dr. Gelber made me feel so comfortable. She's gave me injections to block my face. This made it possible for her to go the maximum depth in order to get the best results. All my sun damage is gone, skin is smooth and almost wrinkle free with one treatment. I'm a month out of having my treatment. I honestly look 15 years younger, if not more says everyone I've run into.  We are so fortunate to have Dr. Gelber in our community. The money is well worth it! Dr Gelber and her staff really care and are sweethearts! My husband was so impressed he now wants to have the same treatment I had :) 
Thank you Dr Gelber for everything and I look forward to many years of lights and lasers."

Perfect, natural lips

"I cannot begin to express how impressed I am with the lip injection Dr. Gelber has given me. I was so nervous and scared before the procedure after hearing of how painful it could be, well I was shocked to realize that it barely even hurt!  Dr. Gelber was so gentle with the injections and had prepared my lips with numbing cream and a cold compress (which most doctors don't practice).  I had many consultations with other doctors, and hands down she was the kindest and most informative of them all. I am so glad I chose Dr. Gelber to do my lips, they look absolutely natural and so beautiful!  I will never let anyone else touch my lips... She knows what she's doing and is very good at what she does.  Thank you for giving me the self confidence that I was lacking for so many years. Both you and your staff were supportive throughout the journey. It still amazes me the length you will go for your patients. My new lips are beautiful and I am completely content with the results. Dr. Gelber, thank you again for everything. I feel like a brand new woman because of you."

I love my results, and my friends do too

"I love my results from Dr. Gelber!  It was fabulous to go to a girlfriends reunion with old friends I hadn't seen in ten years and have them keep telling me, "You look prettier than you did ten years ago."  I do!  The light and laser treatments have improved my skin's  tone and texture and she has restored the symmetry to my face which was aging faster on one side.  I go in for regular "maintenance" and have never had a procedure after which I looked rough for more than 4 days.  The topical skin care  products are fabulous too!"

You've changed my life

"I had adult acne. I had no self-confidence and I couldn't have a face to face conversation with people. I never thought my skin would calm down, nonetheless completely clear up. The procedures were surprisingly not painful. Dr Gelber is doing extraordinary work with the latest technology & I highly recommend Tahoe Medical Spa to anyone who is having any issues with their skin. I love you, ladies. You've changed my life."