If you’ve been to other offices for initial short visit and treatment session, this is a different experience.

Dr. Gelber trains and innovates treatment combinations nationally and internationally. She also personally performs every single consultation, treatment plan and treatment - from the smallest Botox treatment to the largest laser resurfacing and Y-lift combination. This is the only way to insure that the result and experience of each patient meets our standard.

Unfortunately or fortunately, we are blessed to have full books of patients who have similar philosophies and aesthetic goals, and we have finite and limited availability. If we take on a new patient, we are committing that we have time for not just your treatment, but subsequent aftercare to get you your best results. This is often a long lasting relationship focused on not just immediate results, but a comprehensive anti-aging plan.

Our consultation process is to ensure that there is a good fit - that we are the office that offers treatments which will help you achieve your goals and that your goals are in alignment with how we perform treatments. We are not a Groupon type office, and we do not hire lower paid individuals or rush treatments which some offices consider ‘lighter’ or ‘less important’.

If it seems that we may be a good office for you and you may be a great new member of our aesthetic family, consultation fees are $200 for a 1 1/2 hour initial meeting with complete discussion of your aesthetic goals and modalities that may help you. This fee is applicable to any treatment with lights and lasers, but not for Botox, Xeomin, fillers, PDO threads or skincare.

If you are looking for world class treatments with the actual person who obtained the results showcased in the gallery, social media pages, and videos and brochures featured in offices worldwide, we would love to meet you. Consultations by appointment only, please call 775-298-1750.