One of my mantras is: “Whoever dies with the most collagen wins!” Collagen is a natural component of skin which gives the face volume and a healthy ‘glow’. As you age, you lose collagen and your skin and even the tissues underneath it thin. Youthful curves that once reflected light hollow out, collecting shadow and giving the appearance of aging or an unhealthy pallor.

When most people think of fillers, ‘fill’ as the operative word, and that can be great. One of the most important tools in the aesthetic arsenal is restoring volume in specific areas with targeted fillers.

However, there are fillers which do MORE than just fill - they stimulate collagen production, from which 100% of my patients can benefit.

Sculptra is a wonderful collagen stimulating filler which provides overall volume replacement and improves skin elasticity. It is ideal for the patient with a slender, athletic or even drawn face where it would take an overwhelming number of syringes of traditional filler to see an improvement. There’s even new research that if artfully placed, Sculptra can slow down volume loss of soft tissue and even bone! Finally, it really is the best filler, bar none, for crepiness underneath the cheekbones and across the chest.

Radiesse is another collagen building filler which is the only FDA approved filler for improving hands. If you’re looking down and noticing more prominent tendons and veins, it’s actually because the fat and collagen between these structures is receding. I know many people that think hands are the biggest tell of a person’s age, but it’s so easy to make that adage untrue!

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