It seems so unfair, but many of the patients we see are forced to deal with not only signs of aging, but also acne and breakouts at the same time. Fortunately, we have yet to find a case of adult acne which wasn’t able to be effectively controlled with an individualized treatment plan which addresses the patient’s causes of their acne. These are always unique to the patient and often complex, but if time is taken to work through them, dramatic changes can happen. Our goal for every patient is to first essentially eliminate any new breakouts. This can happen through use of medications such as Retin-A, inflammation-blockers, exfoliants, antibiotics and often even gentle bioidentical hormonal support if hormones are part of the root cause. BBL (Broad Band Light) and lasers can offer many a faster, and often more lasting solution.

Once active acne is no longer an issue, BBL and lasers can do amazing things to resolve the remaining signs that a patient once suffered from acne. These can help even out pigment and soften even the worst cystic (acne scars - these two words should be a hyperlink).

Some of our happiest and most rewarding patients are acne patients who no longer have anything to cover and are proud of their makeup-optional skin! Call 775-298-1750 or email us at to schedule a consultation and evaluate your options.