They allow us to work, to play, and even to hold our loved ones close. Our hands are for many, the body part they spend the most time observing. Many of us only really look at our face in the mirror morning and evening, but then may spend hours staring at the spots, the crepiness and the way the tendons and veins now stand out all day long. The skin on our hands is thin and often we haven’t protected it from the sun the way we do on our faces. Over the years this results in changes most people don’t like.

Fortunately, it’s an area with many treatment solutions. There are treatments proven not only to reduce brown spots, bruising and redness, but to dramatically slow down skin aging and to leave it healthier, thicker and with more collagen. For people who are bothered by how thin the backs of their hands have become, fillers can very safely smooth the area, resulting in hands that look much like they did years before.

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