Women of all ages are finding their lives just a little (or a whole lot) better now that diVa and diVaTyte Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation and also the PRP O-shot have transformed their lives.

At first, these treatments were to help women who had had children, as well as perimenopausal and menopausal women decrease symptoms of stress urinary incontinence, decreased lubrication, and burning, itching and even fine tearing which can come with loss of vaginal tone, elasticity and even vaginal atrophy.

From there, though, both research and our experience here at Tahoe Aesthetic Medicine has shown benefits far beyond that. Both young and older women are noting increased sexual satisfaction, and even partners have been taking note of the changes. Research has even shown increased orgasmic response and shorter time to orgasm in some women. Most women see changes in
any stress urinary incontinence within 1-2 weeks after their very
first treatment.

Vaginal lasers are incredibly hot in the news right now and there are reasons Dr. Gelber has selected diVa as the only laser she will use on her patients:
diVa is the only treatment which uses two lasers for increased improvement.
diVa is the only laser with a customizable, precise scan pattern for treatments unique to each patient's goals, rather than randomly placed laser scanning based on provider approximation of symmetry.
diVa is the only laser which has a disposable, laser-enabled speculum for optimal patient safety and hygeine.

the O-shot uses the patient own blood to extract growth factors which
have also been shown to naturally decrease symptoms of stress urinary
incontinence as well as increased sexual satisfaction in tens of
thousands of patients to date.

Call us today at (775) 298-1750 or email office@tahoeaestheticmedicine.com to find out more about how diVa, diVaTyte and the O-shot can help you be your most vital, sensual self!

"The procedure was simple and quick and I wasn’t uncomfortable at any point.  The healing time was rapid and exactly what Dr. Gelber had explained.  The results are mind blowing after just one of a three treatment process!  I am 52 years old and the treatment brought me incredibly youthful results that are beyond anything I could have imagined.  I highly recommend this incredible new service that Dr. Gelber is bringing to women." - A happy client