Mesotherapy session prices from $350/area.

Long-popular in Europe, physicians in the United States are now offering this series of targeted injections to help clients with the only non-surgical option to effectively spot-reduce or resolve localized deposits of fat and cellulite. This can be particularly helpful in small areas that have stubbornly resisted diet and exercise, such as under the chin, jowls, the inner arms, saddlebags, the inner knee and areas around the bra and waistlines.

Mesotherapy can be particularly effective in improving areas of assymetry, such as irregular contours after liposuction.

Injections are all supplemented by the use of both anesthetic cream, as well as further lidocaine included with the combination of medications to maximize patient comfort.

Packages for 5 sessions of areas (e.g. 5 sessions on one area, or 2 sessions in one area and 3 sessions in another) $1500

Packages for 10 sessions of areas $2300

Packages for 15 sessions of areas $2900