Often known as a 'lunchtime peel', medical-grade microdermabrasion offers a no-downtime option for improvement in skin texture, appearance and collagen regrowth. Tai-MD owns the only Platinum Peel machine in the Tahoe Basin, offering Dr. Gelber superior control over each patient's treatments.

Using a combination of fine crystals and vacuum suction, microdermabrasion gently removes older and thickened skin layers to reveal the brighter, younger looking skin beneath. Treatments increase blood flow, bringing vital nutrients to the surface and improving lymphatic drainage. This minimizes fine lines and wrinkles, decreases pore size and helps skin regenerate. It offers a synergistic effect when combined with other procedures since it leaves the underlying skin more receptive to other treatments.

Microdermabrasion treatments offer skin care improvement not just to the face, but also to other areas including the chest, arms, and back.

For most, the initial benefits of microdermabrasion are best seen through a series of progressive treatment, often in combination with chemical peels or physician-grade cosmeceuticals. Once your best skin is revealed, this can offer a single-treatment booster to immediately restore your skin's glow!

Single treatments from $95 per session, 6 treatment packages from $525.

Treatments can be combined with chemical peels and other services to result in the best results for your individual skin needs.  Adding an session of microdermabrasion to any other service is $70.

All treatments include pre-treatment skin preparation and individually selected post-treatment serum and moisturizer to maximize results.

Don't forget your arms and body!  A combination of gentle microdermabrasion and chemical peels offer a dramatic improvement in keratosis piliaris - those rough little bumps many people suffer on their arms, back and legs.

Price depends on size and involvement of areas to be treated, quotes given during free consultation