Dr Gelber and Tahoe Medical Spa offer training for physicians and staff in the art and practice of aesthetic medicine. We can train you in the use of lasers and phototherapy for skin improvement. Our trainings run the gamut from how to perform ultra-light MicroLaserPeels or BBLs, all the way up to deep full field laser resurfacing. Many of our classes focus on how to combine multiple treatments (BBL, SkinTyte, MicroLaserPeel and Fractional Resurfacing) in a single treatment session to give your patients maximum results in a given timeframe. (See below for course outline)

We can also train you and your staff in the use of neuromodulators (Botox, Dysport, Xeomin) and dermal fillers (Juvederm, Restylane, Perlane, Prevelle Silk).

These trainings can help you achieve the best possible technical results.

In addition to training you how to perform procedures, we train how to assess a patient's facial structure and skin quality to determine what treatments will benefit them the most. Which ones will make them look younger, which ones will make them look healthier- and which ones will make them look funny or fake.

These trainings can help you chose the procedures that will give your patients the best possible results, and teach you and your staff the little details which take your treatments from average to exceptional.

We can also train you in the "fuzzy", non-technical side of the field. This includes how to talk to patients so they understand your recommendations; and how to take care of your patients before and after treatment. There is a lot more to taking care of patients than what goes in in your treatment room, and we can show you critical elements for your success.

Training Sciton's Erbium:YAG laser, from light MicroLaserPeels to deep resurfacing

We're very excited to offer training. Dr. Gelber taught medicine for 18 years at UC Davis and UN Reno, and when she started this practice the thing she missed the most about her previous life was teaching.

Tahoe Medical Spa was started as a brand new practice in a tiny town - only 2500 full-time residents. Many people in the aesthetic medical field told us that we would fail, that the population was not big enough to support our business. We proved them wrong, and we did so quickly.

We attracted quite a bit of attention in the high-end laser community for our quick success. High-end medical lasers cost upwards of $300,000, and many physicians struggle to pay them off. Our laser practice thrived from day 1, and people started asking us what we were doing - why was it so easy for us when it was so hard for them? Why couldn't they get people to sign up for a treatment? Why were the patients not as happy afterwards as they should be?

Well- with training, it's not hard. If we can succeed in our tiny town we think anyone can succeed if they learn how to combine technical excellence, an artistic vision, and extraordinary patient care.

Incline Village is also a nice place to visit for training. We are 45 minutes away from the Reno airport, on the quiet, uncrowded end of the lake. Most trainees stay at the excellent Hyatt here in town (for which we have a corporate discount), about a mile away from our office. Bring the family - we are home to world-class mountain biking, hiking, skiing, golf, and beach lounging.

Sciton-Specific Laser Training

We are currently enrolling for several upcoming three-day Sciton laser training sessions. These are designed to bring you and your staff up to speed on what you need to know to grow your  patient base,  conduct successful patient consults, perform multiple-modality treatments, and keep your patients happy during and after treatments.

The course days and topics are:

Day 1: Results, Returns, Referrals, Revenue: Starting or Growing Your Successful Laser Practice Laser Practice - We made sure our laser was paying for itself from the day it was delivered - in a town with 2500 residents. We'll share sure-fire strategies to help those new to Sciton get their laser practice up and thriving and laser pros to jumpstart their practice to a whole new level of success. Even more good news: your laser will also help every other element of your aesthetic practice grow and success is fun!

Day 2: Combining Treatments For Maximal Results with Minimal Downtime (BBL+ST+MLP+FX) Who doesn't want it all? Our patients certainly do. They want to see real changes, literally years off their skin, but never seem to have more than a few days to spare. Don't despair! By combining technologies, you can give your patients results they'll be bragging about even when they can't imagine a moment out of the public eye. Once they start loving the skin improvement you deliver, they might start making you the first event they pencil in to their calendar.

Day 3: Patient Consults: Get Your Patients Excited About Improving Their Skin You have the technology. You have the skills. But unless your patients to commit to treatments, you never get to use either. Consults should be some of the most fun parts of your schedule: your one perfect chance to meet someone new, discover their goals, and open their mind to the exciting fact that they can have beautiful skin. Who wouldn't want you to help them plot a course to their best possible skin: tomorrow, for that event next month, and for years to come.

Days 1 and 3 are shorter days (5.5 hour days) so that you can enjoy a working vacation in Lake Tahoe. Day 2 is a full 8-hour training day. Full-course tuition is $3500, or 7 of Sciton's TopFlight points.

Session 1: March 1-3 ( Friday-Sunday)

Session 2: April 6-8 (Saturday-Monday)

Session 3: May 18-20 (Saturday-Monday)

For other training topics or individual preceptorships, please contact us for details and availability.