For optimum health the body requires a wide range of nutrients to build, maintain and renew your bones, vascular integrity, nerve support and other structures we rely on for life. Nutritional supplements are an important part of achieving your best health, as most people obtain inadequate levels of vitamins through diet alone. Research has demonstrated significant clinical effects of vitamins, natural anti-oxidants and supplements in preventing and managing a wide variety of medical conditions. Through the process of a careful medical history and physical exam, assessment of dietary and lifestyle habits, and the use of laboratory testing as indicated, Dr. Gelber can help you determine what supplements will help you achieve and maintain your health goals.

All supplements are not the same. Prescription grade neutraceuticals offer high-bioavailability formulations designed to maximize absorption, even in patients who may have issues with digestion and intolerances which make large parts of many over-the-counter vitamins worthless. In addition, by tailoring a program of supplements to your individual health concerns, a medically-guided plan can offer you benefits that no one-size-fits-all multivitamin ever will.