Smoking cessation consultation and programs from $200.

Who doesn't want to quit? The reality is, that if it was easy, most smokers would have quit long ago.

Most smokers are at least somewhat aware of the damaging effects of cigarette smoking on their lungs and skin and a few have done the math on the financial costs of the habit, but many don't know the devastating impact it also has on your heart and blood vessels, brain and risk of stroke, degeneration of the joints, spine, and even the huge increase in rates of chronic pain, impotence and decreased sexual sensation due to the blood vessel changes and the associated decrease in circulation.

You've probably tried to quit before, perhaps many times. Still, if this is a change you want to make in your life, medical assistance including prescription-only aids can help you be successful and can even help you do it without necessarily gaining weight or suffering short term metabolism issues.

Change your life and quit for good this time!